If a stranger asked you what unique value you provide, would you know what to say? Could you clearly articulate why you're meant to do what you're doing, and why you, and only you, are the absolute best and only person who can?

When my business coach asked me that very question, I was at a total loss.

Why me? There's lots of writers and editors out there. A lot of them are more experienced, more established, and have bigger followings than I do.

Perhaps you're familiar with the author of that narrative, arguably more prolific in its collected works than Isaac Asimov and Stephen King combined. Its name is fear. These thoughts are the manifest fears of our own unworthiness, or worse, that we might be capable of so much more than we dare to dream is possible.

Here's the thing:

Trying to be objective about your own worth is like trying to curl your own hair. You'll probably do a pretty good job on the parts you can see, but you'll never have the same perspective as someone who can see it from all angles.

I don't just get to know you and your brand; I get to know every unique angle of who you are, from the perspective of a loving friend who's deeply concerned about giving you the perfect Victoria's Secret waves.


I help you see and articulate what you can't.


I give your imagination a voice. Your audience is waiting.

Let's create something amazing together.

Never once have I met someone without a story to tell. Isn't it time we told yours?

"Jennifer has done an excellent job on all of the (many) pieces of writing I've sent her, including thesis sections, application letters, proposals, presentations, web content, and creative writing.


Her eye for detail and creative skill allows her not only to edit grammar, structure, and format, but also to comment effectively and helpfully on content, prose, and style. She is assiduous in noting even the smallest errors, but also has an excellent broad-view approach to written work.

She efficiently improves the technical aspects of work sent to her, but goes beyond that, insightfully commenting on tone and cadence, so that the final product is both precise and enjoyable to read. She seems to know exactly what I mean, and the best way to put it. My writing has improved significantly with her input, and I have appreciated her keen eye very much.


In addition to this, she is also a delight to work with - encouraging, kind, supportive, and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their written work, whether professional, academic, or creative."

 – Sarah White, PhD, University of St. Andrews

"Working with Jenn has been a pleasure. She is thoughtful and optimistic and will work hard to ensure that the work you need done is well taken care of. In addition, she has an excellent command of the English language and understands the subtle differences in meaning between words.


When she edited my thesis proposal she was able to add value that went well beyond fixing grammatical errors and mistakes. Her recommendations improved the flow and helped to convey my message in a way that was more precise.


I would not hesitate to recommend her for future editing work, and I hope she gets the opportunity to work with and help many others improve their work."

            – Adam Valois, M.Sc. Candidate, HEC Montréal

"Jennifer McLean is one of the most brilliant writers I have had the pleasure to teach in my 39 years at the University of Victoria.  By way of example, I quote an insightful turn of phrase from one of the research papers she wrote for me, which is strikingly drawn to describe the human condition:  

'Petrarch’s lifelong pilgrimage was a heroic attempt to reconcile the realities and wonders of human experience with the profound mystery of the divine, and to find the truth of one through the other.  Though he weathered many storms, Petrarch never would have achieved nor appreciated his final peace in port without them.'

With regard to her interpersonal qualities and skills, she is exemplary in every way, kind, respectful, diligent, an excellent communicator both verbally and in written form, and wise beyond her years."

 – Lloyd H. Howard, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, University of Victoria

"Meeting Jenn and hiring her as my editor has been such a gift for my business! She’s warm, authentic, professional and I could feel how much she really cared about my book.


She’s also highly skilled: thorough, detail-oriented, and her suggestions for clarity and content adjustments were bang on - I love working with her, and we had a lot of fun!


She’s my top pick for future writing projects and I’m already recommending her to my community and friends. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Gina Silvestri, Author, Success Mentor & Speaker

You have an amazing message to share with the world. I can help you find your voice and tell that story with authenticity, empathy, and humor.
I'd love to hear from you and see if we're a fit.

The short answer? Yes. 

Being unclear is ineffective. 

During university, my thesis supervisor once gently pointed out to me that while I knew what I meant, he needed to know what I meant, too.


I was mortified. I had done my research and I was so excited to share my ideas, but I hadn't communicated them clearly.


As a result, they lost their impact.

I help you emphasize what's important, while stripping away anything that may dilute your message. I give you clarity.

I help you find your voice.


My job is to understand your philosophy and inspiration and clearly articulate its direction so that your message can shine through unencumbered.

I'm passionate about connecting with my clients, and I focus on taking the time  to understand the heart of your project so I can act as interpreter between you and your target audience.

It's my job to effectively convey the relationship between your ideas and what you want people to know about the unique value you bring to your tribe.


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